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Studio Urton/Workshops

What I do and what you can expect

For my vocal studio I developed a specail didactical way for singing.

This way is based on body work in combination with singing technique. And the important word is COMBINATION.

I take you on a search towards your very personal "Urton". This has nothing to do with esotericism but rather with craftsmanship to enable a free sounding voice.

The wheel ofcourse ist not invented new....I offer a huge number of exercises which are very good for developing the voice and which you can take home with you no matter if you are a professional or an amateur musician.....the exercises are not difficult.....this is very important to that also the ambititous hobbysinger gets the possibility to develope is voice in a healthy kind of way.

The "Urton" we are trying to find is the base of your own personal singing technique.

How does my body feel during singing and how do I use my body while singing?

These questions are the base of making music for me..... let us be honest.....there are many singing techniques which aim for a free, healthy and beautiful singing tone but I never really came across a "technique" which treats bodywork and singing technique as equally important parts and partners and combine them together.....and this is exactly my starting point.

With body work (exercises from the Feldenkrais method, Alexander techique, eutonia, terlusology and bio-energetics) and individually chosen technical exercises I take you on a the search towards your own personal sound and feeling of singing.

To use the voice in a healthy way it is important to explore and learn how to use the natural reflexes of the body so that nothing is left to coincidence. In that way you gain incredible security and therefore freedom in making music.

We will work with tennis balls, exercise balls, wine corks, bycicle tubes and many other things to awake the body reflexes in combination with singing. The final goal is to put these helping tools aside, to trace the feeling and use it deliberately while singing exercises and literature.

We aim for a free voice with individual timbre, flexibility, carrying capacity, beautiful sound, healthy vibrato and good text understanding.

"Ease and simplicity in the sound based on an elastic balance of bodytension".

You will experience more freedom, joy and expression in your voice.


As I also studied piano, I am able to accompany the student during lessons, and can also offer piano coaching.


Since many years now I also give WORKSHOPS for ensembles and choirs of different niveau and sizes (from 5 to 50 participants).

There are different workshop-concepts I can offer: short (1,5 hours without brake), normal (3 hours with 20 minutes brake) and long (6 hours total lenght with 1 h lunchbrake and to little brakes). I experienced that the 3 hours workshop is booked most.

In the workshops I adress as many points as possible in a compact and sensible way. EVERYONE can take part.....the exercises are easy to follow and you can "take them home" and go on experimenting - especially great for hobby singers.

Ofcourse workshops never are a replacement for individual singing lessons. Should you be interested in having singing lessons the way I described above feel free to contact me and I will be happy to make an appointment.